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SHIKSHA is leading SCHOOL & IT service Provider Company. We provide full cycle services including implementation to product development. We constantly look out new technologies which make solutions even more useful and interesting. SHIKSHA has proven its experience by delivering services to more than 200 clients spread across State.

Our Clients are University, Colleges & K-12 Schools.

Business Execution Done By Shiksha

  • Imparted Training to more than 65000 students across the state.
  • Training imparted to more than 200 teachers / faculties associated with leading colleges.
  • Arranged student counselling programs in various schools.

To name a few where SHIKSHA conducted our ITE@School program

Social Endeavour by Shiksha

  • Free computer awareness and Training to the underprivileged students and jobseekers.
  • Organised free Computer Training programs for Minorities under the NGO KOSHISH.
  • Organised special camps for special children.

Shiksha Minority Education

  • Low Perceived Returns from Education-The low representation of Minority in public or private sector employment and the perception of discrimination in securing salaried jobs make them attach less importance to formal ‘secular’ education in comparison to other Socio Religious Categories.
  • Poor Access to Schools-Schools beyond the primary level is few in Muslim localities. Exclusive girls’ schools are fewer.
  • Lack of Urdu medium schools, the poor quality of teaching in them, vacancies for teachers unfilled for several years and the recruitment of Hindi teachers in place of Urdu teachers are some of the problems afflicting the teaching of Urdu.

Thus we have designed Comprehensive Solutions (Ref solution sections) which will help the State Governments to uplift the Educational status of minority students. ESHIKSHA eyes at the upliftment of educational level among minorities. Multimedia courseware will be delivered to the state in the mother tongue of the minority population, hence increasing their understanding for the subject.

K-12 (School Program through Computer Aided Technology)

SHIKSHA is among the very few training companies, which has effectively combined conventional classroom training with the latest training & methodologies like Computer-based Teachings (CBT). We also provide turnkey solution for computer teaching and Learning for K-12 segment.

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Some Our Products

Education Management, Healthcare, Hotel Management, Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing ERP, PayRoll, Bulk SMS, Antivious Software, E-commerce Website Design Development etc.


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